"There is no better way, I think , to experience great architecture than to wake up in it. My real tour of the architectural wonders of the world would feature naps in each wonder, however marginal, to surrender to the great place and make it your own." —Charles Moore, "Impressions of Japanese Architecture"


Charles Moore believed buildings prosper when the are inhabited and enjoyed by people.


The Charles Moore Foundation welcomes architects, designers, artists, curators, scholars, and indeed anyone who seeks a place to work, study, or simply experience the Moore/Andersson Compound.


Residencies vary from a single night to an entire semester.


Residency contributions support the Charles Moore Foundation preservation projects.


Note: Because of legal liability, we cannot accommodate children under the age of 16.  Since the Moore/Andersson Compound was designed and built as a private residence, it is not handicapped accessible.

2102 quarry road | austin, tx | 78703

(512) 220-7923