Moore/Andersson Compound Courtyard Preservation

When the pandemic arose, the Director Kevin Keim took it upon himself to undertake the preservation of the courtyard. The courtyard consists of stairs & decks, benches & platforms; exterior walls with a unique blue paint; the wisteria arbor & garden fence; windows, trim & door hardware, and a large sliding barn door.

It is a complex project that involves many layers: foundations & footings; excavation & drainage, electric & gas lines; installing new piers; repairing or replacing windows and trim; rebuilding all of the underlaying framing with treated lumber; replacing all of the deck slats with Kebony timber; reconstructing the bench with Western Red Cedar framing; restoring wall deterioration; repainting the vivid blue; installing a freeze-protected courtyard spigot; and straightening the 10x10x10 wisteria arbor.

After 18 months of work, Kevin has completed all of the entry, deck, bench, and platform reconstruction!
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